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Founded in the year 1980, Fursan Travel is the leading ravel service partner. They provide quality and cost effective service to their customers to give them a travelling experience of a life time. They have been in the industry for 36 years now and have been growing ever since their establishment. We specialize in travel services for solo travellers, business travellers, local and multinational companies as well as government institutions. They provide their services for all kind of customers. A customer can filter based on their budget, all the results come suitable to their needs.

Travel into this world could be sublime and spark ahead the trends of the new. The latitude longitude of the world circumference propels the vibrations of the unknown. Travelling enhances your perceptions,educates all of us to a new dawn. We know travelling is one thing that can help us gain experiences and will make us become storytellers. It doesn’t matter if you are on a business trip, honeymoon, research project, globetrotter or a traveller blogger, we know how travelling to a new place can set us free and awaken our senses. Travelling lets us break the monotony and when we return after travelling, we feel more productive and energetic. Who does not want their taste buds to relish the food from places across the world? Well, now Ejazah has made all this easy for you. Ejazah helps you find the most cost effective airfares and hotel reservation rates. So pack your bags and travel to the place where you heart desires. Do not forget to use the various Ejazah promo codes provided by them at regular interval. These codes will enable you to save money that can be used for various other purposes while you travel. Safe journey!!

What do they offer?

Travel anywhere whether it is London, Paris, Dubai, Sri Lanka or any other part of the world without thinking about the amount of money it will cost you, Ejazah figures that out for you. Ejazah finds you the best and the most competitive airfares and hotel reservation rates. They are there to find the best prices for you. They manage your booking to enable you to be relaxed about the prices and bookings. Now walk in the London bridge, shop in Paris, Enjoy the beaches of Srilanks without being preoccupied by the problems faced while travelling. Ejazah wants you to enjoy to the fullest.

Tips to Save

With SaversKSA.com, you need not find ways for savings. SaversKSA.com brings you all the deals and offers, you can choose the deal you like and there you go, saving extra money on your card. They have a dedicated team who look for all the deals and bring you all the latest discount coupon codes and offers at one place. So, no more looking out for offers on various portals when you have everything at SaversKSA.com. You can go to SaversKSA.com and search for the store that you wish to shop from and within seconds you will see a page with all the Ejazah coupon codes and offers that are available on that particular store. You can either copy the code and apply it before making the payment or you can just click on the particular offer that you like on SaversKSA.com, you will be redirected to the merchant’s website and coupon will get applied automatically. You can also subscribe to our newsletters to get to know the updates about all the coupons provided on your favourite shop. Now, you can shop to your heart’s desire. Save!! Save!!

Ejazahs App

They understand how mobile phones have become an integrals part of our life. We carry our cellphones everywhere wherever we go. Whether it is sending emails or shopping online, everything is done on phone. So, seeing the current scenario, Ejazah can now be downloaded through your phone since they  is available on app. Now you can download the Ejazah app on your android phone or your iphone. Do not wait, download the app from Google Store or Apple Store and book flights and hotel rooms from anywhere at your convenience.